Prepping for my VCDX defense

So the last few weeks I’ve been nose down in my lab and my design going through all the scenarios that I can think of that would possibly come up during my defense. Been spending a lot of time white boarding and going through my opening presentation.

Since I’m defending almost the exact same design I did in Singapore I’m starting to get a little burned out so I’ve been trying to take some small breaks, hooking up my X-Box in my office has turned out to be a great distraction, maybe too much I’m addicted to Batman: Arkham Asylum now. πŸ™‚

All in all I’m feeling really good. I know what I blew last time and know not to do it again. And thanks to some great VCDX resources in the community (who I won’t name unless they tell me it’s OK) I’ll be going through a Mock Defense with 3-4 of them (of course none of them are panelists) before I head off to Germany on the 4th.

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