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Homelab BOM / Hardware

If you haven’t already I encourage you to check out William Lam’s Homelab build page where the community is sharing details on what they’re using to run their labs. This is a great resource for the community and it’s interesting to me, as a VMware employee, to see what’s being used/tested out there. So here’s what I currently have going…Read MoreHomelab BOM / Hardware

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Fourth time was the charm, VCDX

Yesterday I received the news I’ve been working towards for nearly two years, I have finally obtained VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification.  I don’t know my number yet, but by looking at the VCDX Directory there are now 75 VCDX’s so I’ll be somewhere between 69 and 75. I’d like to thank my family for believing in me through…Read MoreFourth time was the charm, VCDX

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My Experience – VCAP-DCD 5 Beta

Like a few others this past week at Partner Exchange I sat the beta version of the VCAP-DCD 5. I found the exam to be pretty spot on with the blueprint which is nice. Like Jason Boche stated there’s really not much you can do to study for this exam, is pretty much an experience based exam. I did finish…Read MoreMy Experience – VCAP-DCD 5 Beta

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Prepping for my VCDX defense

So the last few weeks I’ve been nose down in my lab and my design going through all the scenarios that I can think of that would possibly come up during my defense. Been spending a lot of time white boarding and going through my opening presentation. Since I’m defending almost the exact same design I did in Singapore I’m…Read MorePrepping for my VCDX defense

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My VCDX Journey Continues – Off to Germany!

I’ve received the email that I’ve been waiting on today. “I am happy to inform you that you achieved a high enough score to allow you to proceed to the defense stage of the process.” Germany here I come! It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks, VCDX defense in Germany then off to Partner Exchange in Vegas the…Read MoreMy VCDX Journey Continues – Off to Germany!

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VCDX, My Journey So Far

My journey towards VCDX certification started back in mid 2010.  After completing the prerequisite exams I submitted a Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 design that I designed and implemented at the company I was working for before going back to consulting.  My design was accepted and I defended in Boston in November.  I didn’t know what I was in for, I thought…Read MoreVCDX, My Journey So Far