I’ve just returned to my hotel room my from VCDX defense here in freezing cold Germany (I’ve been in Houston, TX for so long I had forgotten what anything under 50 F feels like).  Not really much I can say about it as it’s all under NDA, but I have to say that I feel better about my performance during this defense then I do about my previous 3.  I feel I addressed all questions with accurate answers and made it all the way through all the aspects of my design.

During the break the moderator jokingly said that she’d never met someone who talked faster then her, which startled me for a minute as I start thinking did I talk so fast they couldn’t understand me but she assured me that wasn’t the case. : )

Did I do well enough to earn a VCDX number, I think I did so now I just wait for the results from the certification team.  It also sounds like I’ll have to wait a little longer then the norm, not sure if it’s because of PEX or not, but in the past when I’ve defended I’ve been told 10 business days for results, which in the past has translated to 10 business days from the first defense or the Friday after the last defense, today I was told 10 days from this Friday, so I guess it could be a long 2 1/2 weeks of waiting!


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