My VMworld US 2018 Sessions

Despite the fact that I’m on paternity leave for this dude for the summer, VMworld still marches on. This year, I’ll be presenting the following sessions with some other great individuals. If you’re interested in the VMware Validated Designs, NSX-T and a little Cloud Foundation check out these sessions. If you’re a TAM customer I’ll also be presenting on the VVD’s and NSX-T.

PRV2623BU – NSX-T Enabled Workload Domains: The Validated Designs/Cloud Foundation Way

Are you interested in VMware NSX-T? Would you like to skip the manual and get the quick cookbook on how to deploy NSX-T? Well, you are in luck: The VMware Validated Designs/VMware Cloud Foundation engineering team has provided guidance on how to deploy NSX-T to support advanced workloads like Pivotal Container Service (PKS).

In this session, architects from the VMware Validated Designs/VMware Cloud Foundation team will give a technical deep dive on how to deploy a workload domain with NSX-T. While NSX-T and NSX-V both provide software-defined networking (SDN), NSX-T has some unique advantages as it can work across platforms and enable advanced use cases using PKS. Come learn how to deploy NSX-T the way VMware Validated Designs and VMware Cloud Foundation do!

PRV2925PU – VMware Validated Designs: Ask Us Anything!

In the early days of private cloud, customers and partners found deploying software-defined data center (SDDC) and private clouds really hard to do. If they did succeed, they found it hard to operate. VMware has invested a lot of time over the last three years in developing VMware Validated Designs to significantly simplify how to deploy and operationalize VMware SDDC and private cloud. Come meet the team behind VMware Validated Designs, and ask your burning design and operational questions. There will be prizes for the best questions and for any the team can’t answer.

PRV1424BU – Case Study: Mission-Critical SDDC for the Finance Industry

The software-defined data center (SDDC) can revolutionize any business or industry. Like any new technology, understanding how the SDDC works and how it should integrate is the key to unlocking its full potential.

The financial industry is no different as it has some of the strictest requirements with regards to availability and security. How can you build an SDDC infrastructure that is flexible enough for today’s diverse application landscape, but still highly available and secure?

In this session, industry veterans will walk you through a real-world case study on how one customer has already achieved this. Find out what went into turning a large financial institution from understanding their basic IT needs to becoming IT champions and delivering a highly available, secure, scalable SDDC for their users.

See you in Las Vegas!

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