New Telco and Edge Cloud Reference Architectures

January is shaping up to be a great month for the Telco and Edge Cloud business unit. On top of new product releases such as Telco Cloud Automation 1.8 we have just release two new reference architectures.

Since joining this BU it’s been a goal of mine to start with a clean slate on our RA’s and this time around I got to make that a reality. I’m very proud of the work we did to pull these releases together and we still have one more to come out in a month or so.

The first one is Telco Cloud Infrastructure OpenStack Edition 2.0. This is based on all the latest releases including vSphere 7 U1, NSX-T 3.1 and VIO 7. Check out the release notes here and the reference architecture here.

The second one is our new flagship offering called Telco Cloud Platform 5G Edition. This is also based on vSphere 7 U1, NSX-T 3.1 but is container based so we have TKG 1.2 and Telco Cloud Automation 1.8. This is a great release that many customers have been waiting for and I’m happy to be able to deliver it now. The release notes are available here, and the reference architecture here.


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